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Career Ignition Electronic Transformer

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Product description

Using epoxy resin sealing, reliable insulation, cold resistance, heat resistance, moisture, fire, the mighty 3 minutes effective ignition transformer one hundred percent.
The utility model is suitable for various types of fuel burner and combustion machine.
Connection: copper cylinder, high pressure line copper connector inserted after the transformer can be.
Model Power supply Working range Voltage(peak) Short circuit current(rms) ED% at35°C Output Pole(s) Ignition distance
11KV 33% 230V 0.25A max
50/60Hz 60VA max
220~240Vac 11KV 40mA 33% in 3min 1* Φ4 2.5~5mm
26KV 33% 230V 0.25A max
50/60Hz 60VA max
220~240Vac 26KV 40mA 33% in 3min 2* Φ4 2.5~5mm

Mounting dimensions

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