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Career Ignition Coil Transformer

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Product description

Using epoxy resin sealing, reliable insulation, cold and heat resistance, moisture resistance, thermal power.
Transformer 3 minutes effective ignition one hundred percent, suitable for a variety of different types of fuel burners and combustion engines.
Connection: copper cylinder, high pressure line copper joints after insertion of transformer high voltage power supply can be, double color line must be grounded.
Model Input Output Ignition Distance Effective of ignition
2*4KV 100% 220V 0.5A 50Hz 2*4KV 10mA 3~6mm 100%
2*5KV 33% 220V 1.2A 50Hz 2*5KV 20mA 3~6mm 33%
1*8KV 25% 220V/110V 1A 50Hz 8KV 20mA 3~6mm 25%
2*5KV 25% 220V 2A 50Hz 2*5KV 30mA - 25%
2*6KV 33% 220V 2.3A 50Hz 2*6KV 35mA - 33%

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