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Honeywell Photoresistor C7027A

Product features


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Product description

Lead length
Ultraviolet electric eye C7027A series
ModelUsing environmentLead length
C7027A1023-18 ~ 102°C2.4m
C7027A1031-18 ~ 102°C2.4m
C7027A1049-18 ~ 102°C2.4m
C7027A1064-18 ~ 102°C2.4m
C7027A1072-18 ~ 102°C2.4m
C7027A1080-18 ~ 102°C2.4m
C7027A1023-18 ~ 102°C 2.4m

* the utility model can be used for detecting coal combustion, gas and fuel burner
* detection of 310 nm UV spectral radiation range
* detectors are difficult to observe so that multiple parallel connections can be made
* properly installed, the C70727 seals up to as high as 34.5Pa

Mounting dimensions

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