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Light Oil Burner CX Series CX10-2 Kitchen machine

Product features


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Product description

Light Oil series - CX10-2
Oil Consumption5.0-10.0(kg/hr)
Output Power59-119(kw)
Heat Power51000-102000(cal/h)
Motor Power180(W)
Power Supply220/50(V/Hz)
Control ModeSignle-
Package Size360*330*500(mm)

* Note: The actual range of fuel consumption depends on the furnace pressure.

1.) electronic control, two fire regulation
2.) design waterproof, antifouling, high temperature resistance
3.) efficient energy-saving, more than 25-30% savings over the traditional
4.) widely used in kitchen, oven, canteen, hotel and so on
Operation method:
1.) connect the external 220V power supply, the power indicator light is red, the controller enters the standby state, presses the power button, and the power indicator light turns green, which indicates that the controller, fan and ignitor begin to work. At the same time, the small fire indicator light is also lit to green, indicating that the burner is ready to work in a state of small fire. 7 seconds later, the small fire indicator turns to orange, indicating that the burner has been working smoothly under the condition of a small fire.
2.) when the burner enters the working condition of the small fire, press the middle fire button, and the middle fire indicator light is green, and the small fire indicator goes out. A few seconds later, the middle fire indicated orange, and the burner went into the middle.
3.) if you want to quit the working state, press the power button, the power indicator light is red, which means that the burner is out of working state and in standby mode.
4.) if you do not use the burner for a long time, be sure to cut off the 220V power supply.
* Note: cooking water, fire machine, waterproof outer box can be matched with the guests.
* Note: the actual range of fuel consumption is affected by the internal pressure in the furnace.

Mounting dimensions

Model Company A B C E F G H I J M
CX10-2 Kitchen machine with water tank   370 205 165 420 135 89 106 90 M8 89
CX10-2 Kitchen machine does not contain water proof tank mm 370 205 165 420 142 89 106 90 M8 89

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