Gas Burners GX Series

GX100-2 Multistage regulation high efficiency burner

Technical Data
Gas series - GX100-2
LNG consumption34.8-116.1M3/hr
output power348.3-1161.1kw
Heat output300000-1000000cal/h
motor power1500w
power supply380/50V/Hz
control  Two stage control
Packing size 1350*720*560 mm
 air supply Force draught
fuel LNG/LPG
pressure low pressure
structure Integrated
Safety protection system Automatic controller
Flame monitoring device
Air pressure monitoring device
fuel gas high and low pressure protection air 
Fuel supply system Gas flow regulating device
Gas pressure regulator
Automatic safety cut-off valve
A controlled shutdown When the burner does not need heating, it automatically cuts off the fuel supply to realize the process of shutdown
Safety shutdown When safety device response or automatic control system failure, automatically cut off the fuel supply, realize the process of shutdown

Note: due to the difference between the purity and concentration of natural gas, the above specification will be different.

Installation size
Model Unit A B C D E ΦF ΦG H I J M N
Min Max
GX100-2 mm 1350 230 525 365 270 920 230 159 330 290 170 M12 160

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