Inheritance of ingenuity and innovation

Burners are widely used, but few people know that burners have unlimited possibilities. The burner is an amazing product that keeps pushing us forward. At Zhibo, engineers are constantly discovering new secrets. Whether it is industry, food pharmaceutical, chemical energy or unknown exploration, we work with customers to break the boundaries of technology and creativity. We share their wonderful stories here.
  • Efficient

  • Safety

  • Green

  • Action creates extraordinary value

    Zhibo focuses on providing innovative solutions for the thermal industry and thermal infrastructure to the market. We keep our promise, focus on customers, respect the principle of sustainable development, and constantly reduce the impact of technology on the ecological environment. We adhere to burner technology innovation and research and development innovation, in order to achieve more social value.
    Sustainable development100% recyclable; Reduce fresh water consumption since inception 60%; Reduce the use of toxic heavy metals by 20 tons per year and reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by 50%
    Stable and efficientThe whole channel air distribution, air distribution; Multilayer combustion classification technology; Central mixed combustion acceleration technology; Heat transfer has almost no heat loss safety protection
    Safety protectionHigh temperature resistant cavity design; Physical stress is stable and durable; Multilayer electronic protection; Quick and easy maintenance
    Multi-scenario applicationWide fuel applicability; Multi-industry coverage; High power compatibility; Flame adjustable for strong compatibility

    Details come for the good

    The beauty of the burner is that every detail can be carefully considered, carefully carved, so that all the beautiful and symbiotic. We start from research and development, always pay attention to the needs of end users, from the appearance of beauty, easy to use, easy to maintain and other details of the inspection, until perfect.

    Focus Let us have power

    What you can see, what you can't see, we stay focused, always inside; At the same time, we are also very concerned about our own behavior, what is the cumulative impact for customers and products, the employees of Zhibo are all the same, this concerns each of us!