Burner manufacturer social responsibilityBurner manufacturer social responsibility

Sustainable future

Zhibo adheres to the core values of "Innovation and achievement, employee growth, integrity and pragmatism, harmony and win-win" and the corporate social responsibility policy of "Honest operation, respect for employees, sustainable development, and feedback to society", and actively pursues the organic unity of corporate economic growth and social responsibility.

Zhibo always regards its employees, customers, communities and contributions to sustainable development as its own responsibilities, actively promotes stakeholders to fulfill their social responsibilities, protect employees' legitimate rights and interests, engage in environmental protection and social welfare activities, and promote the coordinated and harmonious development of the company and society.
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  • Inherit the past and create the future together

    Zhi bo positive response national sustainable development goals, in the burner products and services at the same time, will read into the business aspect of sustainable development, building operation system of sustainable development, adhere to the principle of moral management and compliance, and continue to strengthen communication between stakeholders, to ensure the sustainable development of the company, the feedback of customers and society.

    Responsibility for purchasing

    Zhibo actively creates a fair, open, transparent and responsible procurement environment. Take the initiative to train suppliers on sustainable development to ensure that products and services meet sustainable development requirements from the source. In addition, the raw materials of our burner products contain iron, copper, steel, coating and so on. Zhibo fully recognizes that there are various risks in the supply of raw materials. Therefore, the company has formulated relevant policies and actively explored more feasibility

    Inheritance innovation

    As the disruptive technological revolution begins to sweep through industries, a culture of innovation is critical to driving progress and change. At the same time, we have a long history and rich craft experience, should shoulder the responsibility of inheritance, so that the traditional craft can be handed down from generation to generation. Through the enterprise training activities and in-depth experience plan, to the society to cultivate perseverance and unyielding spirit of craftsmanship and good skills of craftsmen.

    Low carbon economy

    Global warming has reached dangerous levels in recent decades, and environmental challenges such as climate change and resource scarcity will continue to pose physical and financial risks to global companies. Local governments are implementing stricter environmental laws to help companies reduce their ecological footprint. We work with the supply chain to transition to a low carbon economy and adopt a sustainable business model to protect the planet.

    Production and occupational safety

    Safety production six zero target: zero major fire, zero explosion accident, zero serious accident, zero death accident, zero occupational disease accident, zero environmental protection accident. We are committed to abide by the occupational health and safety laws and regulations, establish a safety responsibility system, through full participation, scientific management, continuous improvement, effective training, to ensure the occupational health and safety of employees.
    Employees care

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