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Precautions for daily operation of burner

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1) Clean the oil filter regularly. The interval between each cleaning depends on the quality of the fuel used. If the single oil pipe system is adopted, the exhaust procedure is required when restarting the combustion engine after cleaning the filter.
2) Keep the photosensitive eye clean. The photosensitive eye can be easily pulled out of the socket and put back after cleaning. However, please note that when putting the photosensitive eye back into the socket, the photosensitive part should face forward.
3) If a drain valve is installed at the bottom of the oil tank, the drain valve should be opened at regular intervals to drain the water and dirt accumulated at the bottom of the oil tank. If possible, the inner wall of the oil tank should also be cleaned.
4) Clean the inside of the combustor at regular intervals.
5) The temperature near the burner should not be too high, otherwise it will affect the normal operation or cause damage to the burner, especially the control box. Please pay special attention to the heat insulation of the furnace body. If the underframe is used instead of the sealed installation, pay more attention to the heat that may leak from the furnace mouth.
6) The vicinity of the burner shall be kept clean and inflammable sundries shall not be stacked. If fuel leakage is found at the connection of the oil supply pipe, please check and sort it out before continuing to use.
7) Unstable voltage will damage some components of the combustion engine.
8) Avoid splashing the burner with water.
9) The chimney shall be designed to prevent strong outdoor wind from being rolled back into the furnace chamber,
10) If it is equipped with a thermostat, when purchasing and adjusting the thermostat, avoid switching the burner too frequently. If the time between each stop and start is too short, the burner may not operate normally.