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Understand how the combustion engine breaks down (control box)

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Fault sign: connect the power supply, the combustion engine does not start, and the control box lights up the fault light.

Possible causes:

a) It may be the problem with the control box.
b) It may be that the motor of the combustion engine cannot be started. The reason why the motor cannot be started is not only that the coil or capacitor of the motor may be damaged, but also the problem of the bearing. It may also be that foreign matters are sucked into the air inlet of the combustion engine, causing the fan on the motor to get stuck.
c) Perhaps the bearing of the oil pump is too tight and the motor can not rotate. This may be due to the rust in the oil pump caused by water in the fuel. If this phenomenon is found, in addition to solving the problem of the oil pump, pay attention to the cleanliness of the fuel. Please clean the oil tank. If the oil tank is equipped with a drain valve, please drain the dirt and water at the bottom of the oil tank. Please note that if the fault light is lit due to some faults of the combustion engine during the last operation, other fault causes must be considered.

Fault sign: when the power is turned on, the combustion engine does not start, but the fault light on the control box does not light up.

Possible causes:
a) Please check the fuse of the power supply and check whether the temperature regulation on the thermostat is appropriate.
b) Please check whether the control box is firmly inserted into the junction base and whether the power wiring is loose.
c) It may be the problem with the control box.