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The global sales manager of Danfoss visited our company again

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  On March 5, 2019, sune PRYTZ, global sales director of Danfoss heating Department in Danfoss, Denmark, and Mr. Yao Xiaojiang, China Sales Director, visited Zhibo combustion engine manufacturing Co., Ltd. for investigation and negotiation again. On behalf of the company, the general manager of the company extended a warm welcome to sune PRYTZ and Mr. Yao of Danfoss and arranged a detailed reception. Accompanied by the main heads of various departments, President Xue, the company's domestic sales director and Miss Li Qi, the foreign trade sales director warmly received the partners from afar.

The visit focused on Danfoss' high-quality products and services. Danfoss Danfoss is the largest industrial group in Denmark, with a net sales of about 2 billion euros and 18000 employees, of which 6000 are concentrated in 12 districts of Denmark. Danfoss Danfoss is a leader in research, development and production in many industries. 53 factories in 21 countries produce about 250000 parts a day. Actively provide good products and technical services for domestic refrigeration, heating and transmission control fields. Strong company qualification and reputation, good industry development prospects, detailed order details, at the same time, introduced some basic information of our company, and led us to visit our career's production workshop, R & D center, test center, warehouse, strict quality control, harmonious working atmosphere The hard-working employees were impressed.

Our company takes customers as the center and takes the degree of meeting customers' needs as the standard to measure work effectiveness; Quality assurance: adhere to the original factory procurement, no intermediate links, and the quality is guaranteed; Safe and efficient: we constantly seek various methods to simplify the process and make the transaction process safer, simpler and easier; Our customers who pay attention to quality and efficiency work together to contribute our wisdom and strength to the development of China's manufacturing industry.

Before that, the company also received customers from Japan, Russia, India and the Middle East. With the continuous development of the company's overseas market, more overseas customers will visit in succession. I believe that the company's competitiveness will be strengthened day by day and occupy a place in the market. Welcome more partners to join and win-win cooperation!