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Pay tribute to persistence and cheer for hard work

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In the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, there are many athletes who have participated in many winter Olympic Games. They either show superb strength in sports or interpret the Olympic spirit in their struggle. These athletes who have fought on the field for many years show the charm of ice and snow sports and drive the growth of young players.

Dream: "every gold medal has a different meaning"

With the emergence of young athletes and the troubles of receptor energy, injuries and other factors, some older athletes face more and more challenges in the Winter Olympic Games. When they come to the Beijing Winter Olympics, these athletes are still persistent in the competition and eager to win.

On February 9, Lindsay jacobellis of the United States took the lead in crossing the finish line in the women's obstacle chase final of snowboarding. The 36 year old athlete won the gold medal. In the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics, Jacob Bellis, who had the leading edge, fell before the finish line and failed to win the championship. In the following three winter Olympics, she missed the medal. When the Olympic dream came true, she said, "I can't believe this moment has come." Also participating in the 5th Winter Olympics, Dutch speed skater Irene west won her sixth Winter Olympic gold medal in the "ice ribbon" and set a new women's 1500 meter Winter Olympic record.

On February 8, 34 year old German Natalie geisenberg won the women's single sled. Two days later, she won the team relay with her teammates. In the "Snow Dragon" of the national snowmobile and sleigh center, geisenberg achieved three consecutive winter Olympic Championships in these two projects. He has participated in the Winter Olympics for four times and won seven medals. Geisenberg has been making breakthroughs. "A gold medal in the Winter Olympics is very different for me, but it means a lot to Beijing." "This is my first gold medal since I became a mother. It's a proud achievement," geisenberg said

Love: "my legs are old, but my heart is still young"

On the evening of February 10, three freestyle skiers Xu Mengtao, Jia Zongyang and Qi Guangpu of the Chinese team hugged each other tightly in the field of Chongli Yunding at minus ten degrees Celsius. They have done their best.

An accident in 2015 resulted in three comminuted fractures in Jia Zongyang's left leg. Qi Guangpu also had a concussion in the game. The reluctance to give up the project makes them choose to return to the field. After receiving the silver medal of Freestyle Skiing air skills mixed group project and looking forward to the individual project, Qi Guangpu said: "of course, go all out and give it a go.

In the women's U-shaped field skill final of snowboarding on February 10, Cai Xuetong of the Chinese team launched an impact on 1080 difficult movements. In her fourth Winter Olympics, although she failed to get on the podium, she was constantly breaking through herself. In the same event, clart Castellet of Spain, who participated in the fifth Winter Olympics, won the silver medal, her first Olympic medal. After the game, Cai Xuetong paid tribute to Castellet. She said: "Castellet has never given up challenging himself. Every time I see her, I think I can do the same."

"My legs are old, but my heart is still young," said Claudia peshtein, a German speed skater who participated in the Winter Olympics eight times. Knowing that the results may not be ideal, many athletes are still indomitable and go to the field because they love it.

Harvest: "no one has ever climbed the top of the mountain. I want to see it."

Despite losing the 1500 meter semi-final of short track speed skating on February 9, 37 year old Canadian athlete Hamelin will stay in the Winter Olympics. At the opening ceremony, Hamelin served as the flag bearer of the Canadian delegation. He said: "I hope to drive the growth of young athletes of the Canadian short track speed skating team and make more people fall in love with this sport."

"It's like climbing a mountain. No one has ever climbed the top of the mountain. I want to see it." This sentence is the driving force for Japan's Nordic athletes to participate in the Winter Olympics. He finished seventh in the competition for men's personal standard platform + 10km cross-country skiing in northern Europe. In the men's personal platform jump + 10km cross-country skiing project on February 15, dubu Xiaodou still had a chance to realize his dream, "this time I will go all out to win the gold medal".

Swiss contestant Nevin garmarini once won the gold medal in the men's parallel slalom event of snowboarding in Pingchang Winter Olympic Games. Two years ago, his back was injured. The 35 year old athlete didn't do well in the Winter Olympics. He finally failed to break through the qualification. But garmarini didn't have too much disappointment on his face. He said: "it's wonderful for the world's top players to compete fairly and work hard in the Winter Olympics."

Ingenuity: "cheer for your efforts"

Zhibo's family, like the Winter Olympic athletes, are working hard for each combustion engine every day, selecting good source materials for it, innovating production processes for it, and focusing on improving combustion efficiency. All of them are the results of the efforts of every Zhibo "Winter Olympic athletes". We always expect to provide customers with perfect burner solutions with what we know and can do.

(partial source: People's daily)