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The official website of Zhibo burner is newly launched

Time:2022-03-16 Click:

Adhering to the concept of smart manufacturing + empowerment and ingenuity to create a smart future, in order to enable customers to obtain professional information immediately and effectively, and to enable customers to understand Zhibo more conveniently and comprehensively, a new official website has been launched and has been officially put into use!

【Visual experience upgrade】
In order to give customers a better visual experience, Zhibo's official website has comprehensively upgraded the page effect in the process of revision. In the new official website, customers are provided with intelligent adaptation of wide screen, narrow flat phone and mobile terminal, so that users of different terminals can obtain high-quality reading experience. It also boldly adopts a more modern flat style, and professionally designs different columns including products, profiles, news, downloads and so on, giving a more intuitive visual experience.

【Browsing experience upgrade】
In addition to improving the visual experience of the official website, Zhibo's official website has also been comprehensively upgraded in terms of content. Customers can feel that the new official website has re planned its own page layout and optimized and improved its content, and each content column is also presented on the page independently. Through the new page, customers can browse the page more intuitively and conveniently to find the relevant information they are interested in.

Customer oriented is Zhibo's consistent support. The comprehensive upgrade of the official website also comes from bringing better visual presentation and reading experience to customers' homes. If you have any suggestions on the new official website, you can leave your own opinions, and we will actively improve!