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[burner nozzle] solid nozzle or semi solid nozzle!

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Burner nozzle is one of the necessary accessories of burner. It is used frequently and can be divided into solid and semi solid. How should we choose it in our daily use?

Taking boiler truck as an example, how to choose?

1. The boiler truck belongs to a small boiler. Generally, it is better to use solid fuel injection nozzle. Solid nozzles are mostly used for small flow nozzles to make the flame column more concentrated.
2. Semi solid nozzles are mostly used for large flow nozzles. Because the large flow nozzle is used for large burners, the oil pressure of large burners is usually set high, and the nozzle cannot be a solid cone.
3. Hollow nozzle is mainly used in plateau area in practical combustion. Due to the high altitude of plateau areas and the lack of oxygen in the air, the combustion of the same amount of diesel needs to provide more air. Hollow nozzles provide this possibility. Because the atomized oil mist is in a thin-walled ring shape, the mixing area of oil mist and air is greatly increased to ensure the oxygen required for its full combustion.

In addition to choosing the right solid or semi solid, we should also choose the right brand. Our company is the general agent of Danfoss China, and the product quality is guaranteed. Please contact us for more detailed information.