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[FAQ 1] usage specifications and precautions!

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1、 Burner operation specification

1. Before starting the combustion engine, check to ensure that the connection of the combustion engine and its components is firm without looseness and position change.
2. Ensure that the fuel container, combustion oil circuit and pipe fittings are free of oil leakage; The power supply is normal.
3. Turn on the oil circuit switch, the power switch and the burner to enter the self inspection state. After about 30 seconds of self inspection, the burner fan motor starts, and an electric spark is generated between the ignition electrodes. After about 13 seconds of pre blowing, the oil pump motor of a section of fire starts, the solenoid valve of the oil pump opens automatically, the oil mist ejected from the nozzle is broken down by the electric spark to form a flame, and the section of fire burns normally, The ignition electrode stops ignition after a delay of about 10 seconds, the two-stage fire oil pump motor starts, the oil pump solenoid valve opens automatically, the two-stage fire starts to burn, the flame detector (electric eye) feels the flame brightness, the controller enters the locked state, and the burner enters the normal working state.
4. When the burner is used or needs to be shut down, cut off the power supply and close the oil valve.
5. If the ignition is unsuccessful, no flame is formed, or the flame detector (electric eye) does not feel the flame brightness, after about 10 seconds of safety time, the safety alarm system acts, the starting working procedure of the burner is cut off, and the fault red light is on. Press the restart button to restart the combustion engine after the red light of the combustion engine is on for 3 minutes. If it still cannot operate normally after restart, restart it after troubleshooting according to the fault and troubleshooting methods.
6. When the oil pressure gauge is found to be unstable during the operation of the combustor, the power supply of the combustor shall be cut off immediately to prevent the damage of the combustor pump caused by insufficient oil supply. After power failure, carefully check the oil supply pipe and filter to ensure normal operation.
7. Before unloading oil to the fuel container each time, the burner must stop running. After 120 minutes of unloading, ensure that the filter is not blocked and the oil circuit is unblocked before reuse.

2、 Precautions for application of combustion engine

1. The fuel used must comply with national standards.
2. When connecting peripheral circuits to realize automatic control of temperature, pressure and water level, please connect according to the wiring diagram of the control system.
3. When installing the burner, keep balance and avoid tilting.
4. The oil suction pipe shall not be close to the bottom of the fuel container and shall be kept at a distance of 80-120mm. Before filling the fuel container, the burner shall be closed, the fuel can be injected into the fuel container after fuel filtration, and it can be restarted after 120 minutes of oil filling. The oil circuit system shall not leak oil or air. Before starting the combustor, check whether the fuel in the fuel container is sufficient. If the fuel is insufficient, it is strictly prohibited to start the machine.
5. When the oil pressure gauge is found to be unstable, the power supply of the combustor shall be cut off immediately to prevent the damage of the combustor pump caused by insufficient oil supply. Carefully check the oil supply pipe and filter after power failure.
6. Keep a safe distance from the operator when starting the burner.
7. The use site of burner shall be far away from inflammable and explosive products and equipped with fire extinguishing equipment.
8. Frequently check whether the connection of the burner and its components is firm, loose and the position has changed.
9. The operating ambient temperature of the burner shall not exceed 70 ℃, otherwise cooling and thermal insulation measures shall be taken. At the same time, the control circuit of the burner shall not be affected by moisture or high temperature. Please turn off the burner when cleaning the chimney.
10. The motor shall be protected from moisture and shall not be used in humid environment.

3、 Regular maintenance

1. Pay attention to cleaning the fuel container and filter regularly.
2. Under normal use, replace the oil nozzle once a year, and replace the elastic coupling and rubber parts on the coupling once a year and a half.
3. Foreign matters are strictly prohibited from entering the air duct.
4. Adjust the oil pressure properly according to the indicated value of oil pressure.
5. Regularly check the combustion cylinder, impeller, flame detector and ignition electrode to remove oil and carbon deposits. In particular, the flame detector should be kept clean and free from water.
6. Regularly check whether the circuit connected between the burner and the boiler control cabinet is firmly and intact.
7. The combustion motor shall be maintained regularly according to the maintenance cycle of boiler motor.
8. The combustion oil pump is maintained by the manufacturer once a year.
9. Equipment maintenance must be carried out under the guidance of professionals. When repairing the burner, be sure to cut off the power supply and oil circuit.

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