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[FAQ 2] what are the working processes of the burner?

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In the development process of thermal field, combustion engine is an inseparable topic. A combustion engine is a mechanical body composed of countless parts and components. Today, let's give you an in-depth and brief introduction to the working process of the combustion engine.

Generally speaking, the working process of burner includes four stages: preparation stage, pre purging stage, ignition stage and normal combustion stage.

Preparation stage
The internal sequence self-test of the combustor starts, and the program controller is powered on. At the same time, the servo motor drives the damper to the closed state. After the sequential self inspection, it is in the standby state. When the thermostat, too high and too low gas pressure switch, steam boiler steam pressure switch and other limit switches are allowed, the program controller starts to enter the pre purging stage. If the solenoid valve group is equipped with a leakage detection system, the system will first detect the valve leakage when the above limit switch is allowed. After passing the detection, it will enter the pre purging stage, and the combustion fan fan motor will be started at the same time.

Pre purge stage

The servo motor drives the damper to the open state. After the air is purged into the servo motor for about 20 ~ 40 seconds, the air is purged according to the different conditions. In the whole pre purging stage, the air pressure switch measures the air pressure. The pre purging process can continue only if the air pressure is maintained at a high enough level.

Ignition phase
After the servo motor drives the damper to the ignition opening state. And output high voltage to the ignition electrode to generate ignition spark. After about 3 seconds, the program controller sends power to Ping'an solenoid valve and proportional solenoid valve. After the valve is opened, the gas reaches the combustion head, mixes with the air provided by the fan, and then is ignited. Within 2 seconds after the valve is opened, the ionization electrode shall detect the existence of flame. Only in this way can the program controller continue the following sequence. Otherwise, the program controller locks and disconnects the solenoid valve to stop gas supply and alarm at the same time.

When the combustor successfully passes the three stages of preparation, pre purging and ignition, it will enter the normal combustion stage.

The above is a brief introduction to the working process of the burner. Welcome to contact Zhibo to get more popular science knowledge of burner!