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[FAQ 3] causes and solutions of incomplete combustion of boiler?

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The flue gas contains unburned components that have not completed the oxidation combustion reaction, including carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and their combustion intermediate products, which is often referred to as incomplete combustion. It is a common phenomenon of incomplete combustion that the burner of gas-fired boiler produces yellow flame, fuzzy internal flame and even black smoke. Incomplete combustion is very common during the commissioning of boiler and supporting combustion machine. Zhibo engineer answers your questions on the causes and solutions of incomplete combustion of boiler.

Similar phenomena are likely to occur due to the following reasons:

1. Large amount of air
The combustor pressurizes the blower to send air and gas for mixed combustion, which may lead to the incomplete combustion of gas in the furnace due to improper adjustment of the air regulating plate.

2. Insufficient smoke exhaust
When the flue gas of gas-fired boiler cannot be discharged smoothly for some reason, the flue gas diffuses around the furnace flame, resulting in incomplete combustion.

3. Flame temperature drop
The combustion temperature of the fuel gas is required to be kept within a relatively high range. When the flame comes into contact with low temperature, the flame temperature drops, resulting in incomplete combustion.

Methods to solve incomplete combustion of boiler:
In the combustion process of gas-fired boiler combustor, appropriately increase the oxygen control and fine tune the gas volume to ensure that the air and gas maintain a reasonable proportion. The specific measures can be to add a flue gas oxygen content detection probe at the end of the furnace or in the flue to measure the flue gas oxygen content, operate the combustion control system according to the real-time data, and increase or reduce the fuel gas supply.

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