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[FAQ 4] the oil pump of the burner does not inject oil

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The oil pump does not inject oil, so it is necessary to systematically check the solenoid valve, oil pump and filter.

Cause analysis
1. There is no oil in the oil tank
2. The fuel pipe is blocked
3. The oil transfer pump is broken
4. There is air in the pump
5. Diesel filter is blocked
6. The solenoid valve is burnt out or does not work
7. The valve on the oil suction pipe is closed
8. Water inlet and drainage of oil pump
9. The oil inlet and return pipes are connected reversely
10. The oil pump connecting shaft is damaged
11. The oil pump shaft seal is damaged

Solution ideas
1. Oil tank filling
2. Remove the blockage or replace the blocked parts
3. Replace the oil transfer pump
4. Bleed
5. Remove blocked sundries
6. Replace the solenoid valve
7. Open the valve
8. Drainage
9. Take over again
10. Replace the connecting shaft
11. Replace the oil pump shaft seal