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[FAQ 6] which burner accessories need timely maintenance?

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The burner product chain consists of burner host, burner system, burner accessories and other parts. In view of the stability of the burner, the service life of the burner host is generally very long, and the burner accessories of some key parts will need maintenance and replacement due to wear during long-term repeated use. The following burner accessories need regular maintenance.

Flame detector
Flame detector is mainly used for monitoring gas or fuel flame. The flame detector is used to monitor the gas flame, yellow or blue fuel combustion flame and the calibration of ignition spark. The operator can monitor the flame signal generated by the UV radiation emitted by the gas or fuel flame through the flame detector, so as to ensure the smooth operation of the burner.

Gas solenoid valve
Gas solenoid valve is a safety emergency cut-off device suitable for heating and combustion medium of various gases such as urban gas, liquefied petroleum gas and natural gas. In the burner system, it can be connected with gas leakage alarm system or other intelligent alarm control terminal modules to realize on-site or remote automatic / manual emergency cut-off of gas source and ensure the overall gas safety of burner and heat equipment.

Ignition transformer
Ignition transformer is a device that can help the burner provide enough energy to ignite pulverized coal, oil (gas) fuel and stabilize the flame in an instant. It is mainly composed of power supply, ignition coil, distributor, ignition switch, spark plug, additional resistance and its short circuit device, high and low voltage wires, etc. Through the ignition transformer, the burner realizes the transformation from low voltage to high voltage, and generates discharge sparks in small gaps, so as to play the role of ignition.

Oil pressure sensor
Oil pressure sensor is an important part of the main engine system of burner accessories. It is used for pressure measurement and control. The pressure to be measured is accurately measured, and the test results are transmitted to the subsequent display or control in time. It is widely used in various industrial automatic control environments, involving many industries such as water conservancy and hydropower, engineering machinery, aerospace, transportation, petrochemical industry, machine tool, pipeline and so on.

The above are several burner accessories that must be maintained periodically after the burner is put into operation. Kelly has a complete supply chain of burner accessories. If you need to consult relevant accessories information, please contact us!