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[FAQ 8]common question 8 of burner] how to deal with the fire extinguishing caused by the blockage of burner oil supply system?

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Preheating the fuel supply pipe can effectively alleviate the blockage of the fuel delivery system.

Cause analysis
The common faults of fuel burner in winter are generally caused by the blockage of the oil supply system, or the poor fluidity of diesel oil in low temperature, which is easy to precipitate wax, blocking the pipeline, diesel filter element, oil pump filter screen, nozzle filter screen, etc., so that the oil supply system is not unblocked, resulting in unstable fire or fire extinguishing.

terms of settlement
If the temperature in the workshop is low during use, the oil supply pipeline can be heated with a drying lamp, focusing on the oil pump, filter element and other parts. When ignition is difficult, the air inlet valve can be dried to preheat the air inlet.