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[FAQ 10] What are the common combustion modes of burner in boiler use?

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Under the guidance of the national low-carbon environmental protection strategy, natural gas boilers are now widely used and become the focus of energy conservation and environmental protection transformation in the thermal industry. Do you know how the burners of your gas-fired boiler burn? Talk to Zhibo technical experts about the advantages and disadvantages of different combustion modes of gas boiler burners.

1. Fully premixed combustion mode
The fully premixed combustion mode is to mix natural gas and air in advance before combustion, and the mixed gas is burned in the burner chamber of gas-fired boiler.
Advantages: premixed air and gas, multi radiator heat transfer, and increased heat transfer intensity. The advantage of using this combustion method is that the combustion flame is relatively clear and the thermal efficiency is high.
Deficiency: the combustion premix ratio requires accurate, fast combustion rate, uniform combustion and full radiation heat transfer.

2. Diffusion combustion
Diffusion combustion mode is not premixed, but diffuses the gas at the nozzle mouth, and then burns it.
Advantage: this combustion method does not premix, but diffuses the gas at the nozzle mouth, and then burns it. The combustion mode is relatively simple and the flame is relatively stable.
Deficiency: due to the long flame, it is easy to produce incomplete combustion, which will produce more carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides, which is not conducive to the full utilization of boiler fuel, the improvement of boiler thermal efficiency, and it is difficult to meet the boiler emission standard.

3. Flameless combustion
A combustion method of uniformly mixing the space before combustion with the gas in the gas-fired boiler. When using this method, the oxygen required by the gas in the combustion process does not need to be obtained in the surrounding air, but only needs to be mixed with the air to reach the combustion area to realize the instantaneous completion of combustion.

When selecting the combustion mode, it is necessary to compare the advantages and disadvantages of different combustion modes, and select a more appropriate combustion mode of boiler burner according to the project working conditions and customer needs. You are also welcome to contact us according to the actual situation of the project to obtain more professional knowledge and better economy. Service hotline: 086-757-27791088!